Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Home inspiration: Industrial style

Industrial style is everywhere these days. This style is characterized by its raw and rough surfaces, minimal and unfinished look, and sharp lines. Industrial materials like tin, metal, iron and aluminum that are the most present materials within this style. These materials often create a clean and cool look, which can give you the feeling that you live in a factory. Sometimes it needs to be warmed up or soften a little. A way to warm up the style is to add wood and copper elements or an (old) brick wall in the room. A soft industrial look can be achieved by placing a fabric sofa with nice neutral colored pillows or fluffy carpets in the room.

Industrial style can go hand-in-hand with other styles. I love the blend of industrial and bohemian elements. The modern and minimalist style fits perfectly with some little objects with daring fruity colors and ethnic patterns. These extra objects add creative ambiance to the room (see the 4th and 5th photo)

How to incorporate an industrial style in your home? With these easy ideas and humble (read: affordable or DIY) objects you can bring an industrial vibe at home:
  • Turn heavy iron pipes into bookshelves (see one of the photos above) or curtain rods. For those who are super creative: Use iron pipes and wood planks to create a shoe rack. 
  • Go through flea markets and you will definitely find some awesome industrial lights to decorate your room. 
  • Collect wine corks and put it in a big jar. This will create a vintage and industrial feel at the same time. 
  • Go thrifting for metal chairs. Chairs that are made from metal or metal and wood can bring an industrial vibe to your home. 
  • Instead of flowers, fill flowerpots with metal objects like old scissors. 
  • Industrial style is also characterized by black frames. So if you want to create an industrial style at home, paint your frames black. Piece of cake, right?
  • If you think transforming your frames into black isn't enough, then take it to the next level and limit your decor to the strict color palette of black, grey and white. 

After seeing all these photos I  hope that someday I will move into a house with plenty of space so I can use all these amazing ideas.

Sources: Tumblr & Pinterest


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